Aníbal Montenegro

Aníbal’s first encounter with tango was in 2001, when he started taking classes and going to milongas.

He has learned from reconized teachers such as Luciana Valle, Fernando Galera and Vilma Vega, Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa, Dina Martinez, Valencia Batiuk, Chicho Frumboli and Gustavo Naveira.

As to his professional training, it has always included both traditional tango and the most modern techniques in vogue.
Thourghout these years, Aníbal has worked with at some of the most prestigious Dance Schools in Buenos Aires such as: Estudio La Esquina, Escuela Argentina de Tango and Tango Brujo
After more than ten years of teaching experience, Aníbal has developed a very deep knowledge of the best approaches to teaching tango, allowing him now to provide clear and well-structured classes, with a dynamic and friendly approach, focusing on technic and adjusting them for each level, from beginners to advanced. His classes have a wonderful combination of content, exercises and fun, and his teaching style is very friendly and approachable. It’s also important to mention that Aníbal gives his classes both in English and Spanish languages.

Since 2007, Aníbal also started to teaching and performing in many cities around the world, including among others Bali, Kaula Lumpur, Singapore, Manila, Timor Leste, Sydney, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Tasmania, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, Cairns, Melbourne, Perth, Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Sardegna, Bern, Basel, Fribourg, Chur, Thun, Lugano, Luzern, Bergen, Stockholm, Karlskrona, Ulm, Cyprus, Zurich, Stuttgart, Tubingen, Hagesund...

Working Experience


Bergen, Norway in Nov
Fribourg-Bern, Switzerland in Oct

Auskland in New Zealand in Sep
Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunhsine Coast, Adelaide, in Australia during June, July and August
Tubingen, Germany in May
Thun, Switzerland in April


Switzerland: 22 - 31 March - Lugano
Germany: 1 - 6 April - Stuttgart
Switzerland: 7 - 28 April - Thun/Bern
Sweden: 3 - 11 May - Lund/Karlskrona
Norway: 12 May - 2 June in Bergen and 3-10 June in Hagesund
Germany: 29 Jul - 2 Aug - Tubingen
Switzerland: 4 -15 Aug - Zurich
Australia: 16 Sep - 15 Dec in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sunshine,
Perth, Melbourne, CoffHarbord



Switzerland from 1 to 30 April
Ulm - Stuttgart from 7 to 16 May
Bergen from 17 to 29 May
Sweden from 30 May to 5 June


Switzerland 5 March to 18 April (Thun, Bern, Basel, Luzern)
Bergen 23 April to 9 May
Barcelona 9 to 20 May

Australia 25 July to 10 Set (Hobart, Brisbane, Byron, Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Sydney)
Bali / Timor Leste 1 to 15 Oct.

Buenos Aires
Estudio La Esquina from 10 June to 22 July 


Tour in Australia: May - June (Sydney - Canberra - Darwin - Perth - Melbourne - Cairns - Brisbane - Sunshine Coast)
Tour in Asia: August - September (Bali - Jakarta - Timor Leste)


Europe: Sweden April (Stockholm - Upsala) Switzerland May (Chur - Berna)
New Zealand Tango Festival June. 
Australia: July - August (Sydney - Canberra - Adelaide - Melbourne - Bribane - Darwin - Byron Bay)
Asia: Bali - Singapore August - September. 


Europe: Cyprus March 1 to April 29 with Julia Gorina (Tango Cyprus).
Australia: May 5 to July 20 (Sydney - Brisbane - Melbourne - Adelaide - Byron Bay)
New Zealand: New Zealand Tango Festival June 21 to June 29. Christchurch, June 30 to July 6.
Asia: Manila, July 8 to July 20. Bali July 21 to August 14. Singapore August 15 to August 25.


Australia: May - June (Tasmania, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Melbourne). 
Europe: Italy June -Sep (Sardegna). Switzerland Oct . Nov (Berna, Basel, Fribourg).
Argentina: teaching at Tango Brujo, 764 Esmeralda st.


Asia: Indonesia Dec. - Feb. (Bali, Yakarta). Singapore March
Australia: April - May (Brisbane - Byron Bay - Sydney) 
Argentina: teaching in Tango Brujo, 764 Esmeralda St.


Asia: Indonesia (Bali). Singapore. Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). March - May.
Argentina:  teaching at: 
Tango Brujo, 764 Esmeralda St. 
Escuela Argentina de Tango, Viamonte esq. San Martín - Galerías Pacífico.


Asia: Indonesia (Bali). Singapore. Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). September - November.
teaching at: 
Mundo Tango Danza, tango y folklore school in Posadas, Misiones. 
Piazzolla Tango, 165 Florida St. 
Estudio La Esquina 722 4p Sarmiento St. 
CAFF (Club Atletico Fernandez Fierro) 764 Sanchez de Bustamante St.
Festival Buenos Aires Tango.
Centro Cultural Lola Mora, 946 Rio de Janeiro St.
Performing at:
Salón Canning and Parakultural, March and May 
Yira –Yira Milonga,  March
Bar Recuerdo (Esquina Pugliese), Cafe Homero, Bar Oviedo, Cochabamba 444 and Centro Cultural Lola Mora 

2001 - 2006

Teaching at:
Piazzolla Tango, Florida 165, Galería Güemes (2006)
Sabor a Tango, Tte. Gral. J.D. Perón 2535 (2006).
Palais de Glace, Anniversary of Carlos Gardel (2005).

Performing at:
Yira Yira Milonga, December 2006.
Teatro Roma and Teatro Colonial in Avellaneda (2006).
Centro Cultural Lola Mora (2006, 2005).
La Viruta, La Trastienda and Teatro Broadway (2001).